Promotions Engine

Built-in Restaurant Promotions Module
for Online Ordering

Our promotion engine comes fully integrated with the online ordering system

Zip Technologies’ free online ordering system features an integrated restaurant promotion engine that enables you to create incentives for new or/and existing customers.

The promotions module will appear in the form of a banner right at the top of the menu, so customers can easily find the best deals and place their orders.

online ordering system

Real-time promotion editor

Based on what has worked great in the past, we’ve created a jukebox of the best promotions.

Choose your template and start configuring the editor in real-time for the right image and text to scheduling and coupon code.

Target and Segment Customers Wisely

Target and segment your customers based on their behavior. Sort the list by first-time buyers, long-time regular purchasers, or customers ordering through a particular sales channel.

Create upselling strategies to increase order values.


Check results with Instant Reporting

Find out which promotions work best for your business and identify areas that require improvement, instantly—with the visual reporting module.

Stay updated with real-time statistics. Delivery heatmaps and customer reports help you make better, informed business decisions.

Get your own FREE restaurant ordering system!

No limit on orders. No commissions.

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