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Restaurant Pre-Order System

Sell your food even while you’re sleeping with our pre-ordering app for restaurants

Receive more trustworthy clients by allowing them to skip the line and order food in advance

Do not waste your time and start boosting your deals online by accepting food pre-orders to pull in:

  • Occupied corporate employees going out for quick snacks
  • Customers putting in huge gathering requests that can pack your kitchen
  • Customers who basically cannot wait and like to have food at the comfort of their home
  • People who cannot find anything in the fridge at odd hours or midnight snacks

This is how your clients can place an order beforehand, with their food being prepared at the time based on their personal preference.

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Pre-ordering food options for clients who want to dine-in

Allow your customers to enjoy their food easily while sitting at home by choosing from the options mentioned below:

  • Pre-order food for pickup
  • Pre-order food for delivery

Make upgraded dining out experiences with “Food Pre-ordering” and “Table Reservations”

Allow your clients to order food beforehand so they do not have to wait and you attract new clients to your restaurant.

Offer an ideal eating out experience, by allowing them to reserve a table and pre-order the meal.


Advantages of taking pre-orders with our pre-order system for restaurants

Accepting orders before time makes the way for a huge range of advantages:

  • No more waiting for food
  • Exceptionally decreased waiting time even during the busiest hours
  • More joyful and bring customers back


  1. Client picks the ideal online ordering method
  2. Place an order for the time ahead
  3. Choose the time when you wish to receive the order
  4. Choose a payment time
  5. Confirm the order during your opening hours

It can’t be better than this, right?

So now your clients can easily place an order outside the opening hours.

Wallah! Earn even while you sleep.

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Attract more repetitive clients by compensating the individuals who pre-order or pay online (tips included)

It is super easy to accept pre-paid orders with our free restaurant pre-order system.

Much more advantages:

  • Serve your clients swiftly with payments being settled already.
  • Short client stays- allows you to serve more client every day
  • You can urge your clients to return back soon, by compensating them with an extraordinary offer or promotions the next time they visit you.

Make money now even when you’re sleeping!

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Get Your Personal Food Ordering System Today!

Minimum Investment. Maximum Business.

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