Online Ordering System

Online Ordering Solution
for Restaurants

A leading online ordering system designed to suit different needs of restaurants. FREE.

An easy-to-use Online Ordering Solution that’s free for life

Take out for life.

Create a top-notch food menu for your website and Facebook page with our online ordering system for restaurants. Make the most of your online presence and generate more revenue.

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Why Choose Us?

Cut down cost and earn more with Zip Technologies ecosystem:


Restaurant menu
with pictures


Website ordering


ordering smart link

zip technologies

Order taking app
for iOS/Android


Clients & orders


Promotion/coupon deal

online ordering system

How it works

Our online ordering system has been designed to simplify things. A hungry customer googles “restaurant online ordering near me” and finds you Browsing through the menu and placing an order is seamless.

Cutting-edge and intuitive online ordering system tested & optimized to boost sales.

Get real-time notifications of new orders

Get instant notifications for new orders on your smartphone or tablet.

Use our iOS/Android app to confirm orders with just one tap of the screen. Easy as you like.


How to avail this free online ordering system?

Getting our free online ordering system is super-easy.

Generate a restaurant profile, provide details on areas you serve, and so forth. Create the menu, add the “See MENU & Order” button to your website and Facebook page, and you’re done!

Get Your Personal Food Ordering System Today!

Minimum Investment. Maximum Business.

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