Free Table Reservation System For Restaurants

Free Table Reservation System
For Restaurants

Simplify the Table Reservation Process to Fill Empty Seats

A unique table reservation system for restaurants. Free for a lifetime.

  • Zero monthly subscription fees.
  • Zero cost per guest or booking.
  • Take unlimited bookings online without spending a dollar.
free table reservations
free table reservations

Why wait for your customers? Take reservations and food orders in advance

Our integrated “Table Reservation” + “Order ahead” features allow your customers to book a table and order food in advance.


  • Time-efficiency
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Sell food even before your client comes to your restaurant

Accept reservations in real-time with our app

In addition to free table reservations, get real-time updates on your bookings through our online table booking app.

Manage your restaurant reservations with ease.

free table reservations
free table reservations

Why choose our online table reservation system

Below are some of the many benefits of our free table reservation system

  • Know exactly how many guests are visiting your restaurant
  • Get more business from the clients
  • Boost your sales

Why go for Yelp when you can get free restaurant reservation system for a lifetime?

Easy to setup. Start getting your table reservations!

Here are the steps:

  • Sign up with us.
  • Add a simple table booking widget to your website.
  • Download our table restaurant app to start taking reservations right from your smartphone.
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