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Providing end-to-end value with this complete online ordering system with delivery integrations

Receive your first order swiftly with our fast and easy setup

Get your restaurant delivery venture up online and start running it in the blink of an eye.

With our easy system of online delivering and ordering, the arrangement will demonstrate as simple as a cake walk.

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Draw your own delivery zone, regardless of how huge or small it is.

Begin by permitting delivery and setting small delivery zones.

Now you can actually mark the delivery zone you wish to deliver at and change it as you go.
However far you want to go, totally depends on you!

Use the heatmaps to deliver where most of your customers are

Find out where your most high paying customers are by using the delivery heatmaps
The more brilliant the tone, the greater the business capability of a region.
With their assistance, you can completely improve your activities by:

● Delivering flyers to workplace or homes in extremely profitable regions
● Expanding benefits by delivering more to the high-order-value regions
● Set up a minimum order value for fairly low-value regions

zip technologies

Increase cart value with free delivery promotions and pull in more clients

Offer your customers with free delivery over a certain order amount and increase your client’s cart value.

It is the most ideal approach to draw in more clients and convince them to spend more money on food.

Online ordering framework with dedicated delivery software for restaurants

Utilize a total online ordering and delivery system for restaurants and reach a satisfaction level of your business.

With the help of our order-tracking system, it is simpler than ever to upgrade your performance and grow your business with delivery choices.


Get Your Personal Food Ordering System Today!

Minimum Investment. Maximum Business.

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