Facebook Ordering

Facebook Ordering System For Restaurants

Receive more requests with those likes. Utilize our Facebook food ordering smart
link and add a button to order online on Facebook.

Forever Free! Our Facebook ordering system for you.

Searching for a simple yet effective method to increase sales? Our free
Facebook smart link permits you to streamline the online ordering experience for your clients who can easily place orders with no interruptions or extra clicks. Also, the most awesome aspect of all? There are no expenses, extra fees, or commissions – it’s all free, free, free!

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Facebook ordering link directly sends clients to your online menu

Customers can easily go to the scrumptious menu and place an order by clicking on the “Start Order” button on the restaurant’s Facebook page with the help of our smart link.

Your hungry food customers would now be able to order from you just by visiting your restaurant’s Facebook page.

Incorporate our Facebook food ordering framework into your restaurant's page to help increase online deals. Here's how:

2 easy steps to set up food ordering on Facebook

Download the Facebook ordering application by easily making an account and then copy-pasting our smart link onto Facebook’s “Start Order” button.
Also, if you are puzzled about how to receive orders on Facebook, feel free to download our free order taking application. Simple, isn’t that so?

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zip technologies

Reward: Season your eatery menu with hard-to-ignore food promotions

Other than the flavorsome dishes of your restaurant, you can also add a couple of irresistible promotions straightforwardly into the menu.

So snare your clients and receive more requests with some of the overwhelming food promotions placed at the top of your menu.

Get Your Personal Food Ordering System Today!

Minimum Investment. Maximum Business.

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